Jun 8, 2004
New dates for summer shows.. New Location.

Hello & Welcome to the site.
Ive been receiving a lot of emails from bands who want to play and Ive been telling them I havent gotten any summer dates as of yet. However, I can say that the AOH is pretty much booked and then closed for the rest of the summer for us after our June 19th show. BUT! It looks like we will be doing shows in Greenwood lake @ the American Legion.. its a little further than the AOh but is definetly awesome. Since the cancellation of last weeks outdoor show in their pavilion due to poor weather we have decided to book the inside room.. which... is.. HUGE.. a lot bigger than the aoh and will definetly have AMAZING sound. So we're excited for that. I will have new dates for the summer soon. Please stay tuned... We're also looking into another location soon to be announced in Middletown.
As for now.. we're currently preparing for this weekends Hardcore Show. We have some of the most awesome bands in the area playing.. so please dont be late.. and stick around for all the bands! Doors open at 6:00pm and the show should end at latest around 11:00. So if you're getting ride there make sure you tell them to pick you up later!!!! :)
In other news.. Lost In Purgatory is back! I saw them last weekend and theyre 10,000 times better than ever before.. so get ready to tear stuff up @ this weekends Hardcore Show.. June 12@ The Aoh.

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Jun 5, 2004

Due to the crapass weather we're having, tonights show is CANCELED. We're very sorry to all the kids and bands who were looking foward to being at the American Legion tonight..this was an act of god? We will definetly try and reschedule this night to another date with the same bands if possible. Stay tuned.. we still have a show next weekend JUNE 12 @ THE AOH with Lost in Purgatory and more bands! check it out.

Saturday June 5th 12:30pm
@ The Nyack Center 58 Depew Ave Nyack, NY

1.00 Southcott
1.30 Leaving the Will
2.00 3 Monkeys Named BOB
2.30 Little Triggers
3.00 The Chase Theory
3.30 Insult To Tradition
4.00 Close My Eyes
4.30 The Legacy Virus
5.00 Age of Ruin (Eulogy)
5.30 Elytra
6.00 Dr. Hourai (angry penguin)
6.30 The Stereotypes
7.00 Life Before This
7.30 Rydia
8.00 Paris Avenue
8.30 Talk To Plants

www.theangypenguin.com for more info
The Angry Penguin


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Jun 3, 2004

Hello and welcome to our site. I went down to the American Legion in Greenwood lake today to check out every thing for the show. The show will start around 7:00 but please be there before then because we have a lot of bands and cant go behind schedule. This is by far our biggest show ever with 8 bands on the bill. So dont miss out. We're going to a bbq going on so be there and bring your friends!!! Its an outdoor show in the AMerican Legion pavilion in Greenwood Lake.

Here are some directions:

load in from 6:00-6:30 (for the bands)

@ the american legion
go into monroe...
turn left onto lake st, in between the two lakes
continue on lakes rd go 8.5 mi
Lakes rd becomes CR-5 go 0.4 mi
Turn Right at the first stop sign (am.legion on the right)
Make immediate right onto American Legion's Parking lot
Am.Legion pavilion will be on the right hand side.

Basically.. you just go down lakes rd.. and you will pass Boccis.... and thje MONROE Am.Legion on your right.. but keep going down lakes rd until you reach a stop sign and then you make a sharp right. When you get to the stop sign the GREENWOOD LAKE Am.lEGION is visible.
See you there,
any questions.. email... ocnysucks@yahoo.com

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Jun 1, 2004

Hello and Welcome to the site. The pictures from this last saturday's 80s Nite are up in the photo section. I still have to scan some prettiful 04 pictures though. This weekends show will start at 7:00 sharp in Greenwood Lake. Lost in Purgatory is supposedly playing at the aoh that night.. thats not our show...sorry for the confusion.. L.I.P will be playing our hardcore prom though june 12.. which is the following weekend, so come down to greenwood lake this weekend June 5th.. and you dont have to worry about missing lost in purgatory. We've got 8 bands on our bill for this weekend and its going to be an amazing outdoor show !!!!
Every ones coming out for it. Be there. Directions will be posted tomorrow.

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May 30, 2004

Hello and welcome to the site. Last night @ The Aoh was incredibly amazing. The bands were awesome and the crowd was wild. Thanks goes out to every one who came down to the hall to support their favorite bands. Special Thanks to Poison Youth for the extra lighting and for fixing our new fog machine that for some reason wasnt hooked up properly when we bought it. hah! Also.. thanks goes out to Aoh for having us :)

In addition, our next show is next weekend June 5th@ The American Legion Pavilion in Greenwood lake. You get onto lakes rd and you just drive straight down it. (its the road that runs directly through both of the huge lakes in the town of monroe.. going towards the cvs. You just drive down there and you pass an American Legion which is across from a lake go past it and you will eventually come to a stop sign, the Greenwood Lake AM.LEGION is on your right. Weve got a lot of great bands coming out so dont miss it!

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May 26, 2004

Hello & Welcome to the site. Every few months we log in and realize we're going to puke if we see the same website layout one more time. Call it crazy, say we're obsessive compulsive.. but some thing must be done! So .. there are going to be some changes to the site. Also, bands if you had a band link and you dont see your name on the list or linked at all.. dont cry! We're working on it. There are sooo many bands to link. Especially for this site. If you're having a heart attack because you cant get a hold of a favorite band or some thing, for now.. visit www.thehvscene.com and you will find every thing from sites---email address--- and even aim names.

In addition, we are currently preparing for this Saturday Night's 80S NIGHT. It was originally scheduled for April 24th but we had to cancel out due to the venue we were renting. I received a lot of comments about that cancellation, people apparently were going all out with fabulous outfits and were a little p.o-ed when they found out the show was off. Well.. grab your gear and head out this Saturday. Our last 80s Night was PACKED. So please be on time! Dont miss any band because theyre all amazing!!!! You will be sorry. If you havent gotten a chance to see Poison Youth yet; with AJ, DYL, MIKE & Wesley come out this Saturday for their next show. They played last month and did a phenomenal job! Saturdays 80s Night has a packed bill of 7 bands!!!!!!!!!! The doors are opening at 6:00 so dont be late!!!!!! We're starting on time!!!

Also, June 5th we're having a HUGE!!! Bash @ The American Legion Pavilion. This will be our first outdoor show. We're up to our eye balls in bands!!! So come out and support!!!! The pavilion is located ALLLLLLLL The way down Lakes rd, Monroe ny. and is in Greenwood Lake. Literally.. alllll the way down lakes road. Its well worth the drive. Sneaky G will be there and this is Jetting West's LAST SHOW EVER!!!!

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May 16, 2004

Hello & Welcome to our site. We are currently preparing for our next show which is the rescheduled 80s Night for May 29th@ The Aoh. Its going to be an amazing show so dont miss out!
We're currently looking for new bands. We're looking for some hardcore bands for the hardcore prom and some good old punk bands for our Punk invasion night. Send an email to ocnysucks@yahoo.com to get on the shows.
Also if any one has any pictures from prettiful please send them to me.

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May 9, 2004

Hello & Welcome to the site. Thanks to every one who came out to Prettiful 04' on friday.Special thanks to the beautiful and always amazing Temptress.. a band who made the entire night and year for any one who was there to see them! Also, a special thanks to Isis for coming down, always a pleasure!
In other news, I helped out with the sound by bringing my pa and letting the bands use my lights on Saturday night.It was a fun show.
Poison Youth was outstanding. Definetly the best new band in Orange County, and a refreshing change from most of the bands in the area. They will be playing our 80s Nite on MAY 29TH@ The aoh. This is going to be an amazing show and I cant wait to see them play again.
We're also having an outside BBQ BASH @ The American Legion on June 5th on lakes rd. Sneaky G has also been added to that show!
Thanks a lot,

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May 6, 2004

Hello and welcome to the site. We are currently preparing for Prettiful 04' for this Friday MAY 7TH@ The Aoh. Our special host Miss Coco Kane will be unable to make it to the show early enough to host. However, expect some performances later on in the night. Instead, the fabulous Isis will be hosting our Prettiful Show!
 ISIS <3
Doors open @ 6:30!!
Be there at 5:30 to sign up for the chance to compete as Mr.PRETTY OR MISS PRETTY!!!
Must perform some thing.. wether a song, play an instrument, tell a joke, dance, whatever you're good at.. the weirder the better! Make us laugh and cry!
Dont miss out on Temptress!!! Theyre coming all the way from NYC.. just for you!!!

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May 1, 2004

Welcome to the site.
There isnt and never was an o.c.media show for tonight (may 2nd). However, if you're bored and dont know what to do tonight.. there is a HUGE show @ The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY. I believe its $20 admission... but all of the rooms (the loft, the chance main stage, the platinum lounge and crannell st) are open to every one and you can walk around.There are bands playing in every room.
Heres some more info:

Rhythmden Productions & The Chance Theatre present:
Dying Fetus - Malamor - Burnt by the Sun - Bleeding Through - Most Precious Blood - All Out War - Terror - Throwdown - Walls of Jericho - Between the Buried and Me - Nora - Comeback Kid - Norma jean, The Red Chord - Name Taken - Rome - Drowning Room - Salem - First to Last - Metal Militia - Beneath the Remains - Norma Jean 25 Ta Life, Only Crime (members of Bane, The Descendants)
Doors open 2:00 pm
Brought to you by Imperial Guitar, Graceland Tattoo, Aces High Tattoo, The Chance Theater, Rock Fantasy

So go check that out every one!

Our next show is Prettiful for FRIDAY .. May 7th. Sorry.. in my last entry I put that it was saturday.. but Saturday would be May 8th..


May 8th:there is a show.. it isnt an ocmedia show.. but AJ and a few of the other punks have organized a Gutter Punk show? I dont know too much else about it.. but every one should be there as well! may 8th at the aoh.

MAY 22nd: CANCELLATION:  last night Dennis from the Aoh cancelled the 911 charity event, an event which was going to be run by the aoh, and other promoters ( i was doing sound)... but that has been cancelled and I dont know when they will be rescheduling it.. if they reschedule at all. This is not an ocmedia show.. we were helping them though.

May 29th: 80s NITE (rescheduled this night from april 24th)@the aoh


June 12th:HARDCORE PROM@ The Aoh. All ages.All hardcore

Stay tuned

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